If You Don't Succeed At First..

Despite its massive popularity, Google have failed to capitalise on YouTube's audience. The trial of its InStream overlay system has reportedly not being very successful and the company is now adding post-roll ads to its clips.

The point-and-click format is probably the reasons that YouTube is so difficult to monetize; pre-rolls and overlays are intrusive, but without a playlist capability, the instream option - by far the most successful format for internet tv advertising - isn't a possibility.


phoneranger said…
I think I agree with you. Short clips on YouTube are inherently difficult to monetise: 1)their provenance is unknown 2) viewers have unrealistic expectations of an uninterrrupted commercial-free "experience" 3) YouTube clips are so short that any advertising message overwhelms the content 4) because most clips (even clips from popular shows) live in isolation in SERPs and social networks, it's nearly impossible to build viewer loyalty for a show or a channel 5) and finally it's a logistical nightmare for advertisers and agencies to place enough ads across hundreds or thousands of clips to get the needed lift for their brands.

IP video has to be presented in a larger framework than YouTube VOD that is advertiser-friendly and easily discoverable by a potential audience. Different from old linear TV but not too different.