No Sale

The paltry size of the UK internet TV advertising market continues to exercise me. After a decade there is no way that this medium should not by now be a part of the marketing mix of any brand, company or organization.

I recall back in 2004 wondering if this Internet TV thing would ever catch on - if people would watch video on their PCs. The reality is that people do, in their millions.

Then there's how much they watch. If long form is offered, viewing sessions can easily exceed an hour.

Now, this is a whole lot of inventory. And you know what people are watching so can target them. Considering the amount of money that has been dropped on companies such as Brightcove, it's surprising that no one has come close to cracking this model.

It seems that I may have found my next challenge.


phoneranger said…
The model is simulcast. 1 by itself is too small to be noticed by advertisers. 1 plus 10 is 11 and 11>10 and there's an existing revenue model for ad-supported broadcasters to charge more for 11 than 10.
Anonymous said…
You're missing the game methinks

Traditional TV costs so much, that companies have specific budgets for it

I know plenty of 5 and 6 figure deals that were 'tagged onto other projects' and/or made part of an 'existing banner campaign'

Let's say, for the sake of argument, that you have missed 1->10% of the IPTV deals being done, because you don't know how to measure the market...

...that's already huge

Your position is "Wow, the music market is really dying - no one is listening to music any more. We have launched these Music DVDs and no one is buying them"...

...while, at the same time, Napster is booming away in the background - but you are NOT measuring Napster

See my point ?