Player Pause

An ongoing debate about internet video is that between embedded video in websites and portals and stand alone Internet TV video players.

The problem with the former is that they can be difficult to monetise, as YouTube has shown. Pre-rolls put off users, post- rolls are ignored, overlays are another put off and having a viewer on the same page for two minutes diminishes the impressions the site receives.

Stand alone players, on the other hand, can seem disjointed from other content and be too video focused.

The answer that most media owners seem to have come to is a hybrid of these two.

But the problem with this is that it isn't television, which has consistently been the most successful advertising medium of the past half a century.

Television is successful because it is an emotive medium, but also a passive one; however, we live in an increasingly interactive world. So, is there a future for traditional TV as a linear medium on the internet ?

Personally I think there is, if only because there is only so much interaction people crave for.

For a decade I've believed in full screen, long form TV on the Internet, and if monetizing your service is what you have in mind, I still think this is the way to go.