Twilight is a disaster. I've tried using the service over the past two weeks and never once has it been a seamless experience. In the middle of shows, clips shut down or start buffering (and it's not my local connection). The navigation within shows is lousy (I don't mind being forced to watch ads, but I do mind not being able to pick up on a show where I last finished viewing as I can with iPlayer).

The service doesn't work at all with one of my browsers, won't play full screen with another and takes ages to fiddle with to work with the third browser I have installed.

Considering that the company set a target of £150m from online by 2010 (since revised to 2012), it's time heads rolled. Developing in house and, worse still, using Windows Media/Silverlight have already proved to be costly mistakes. 

It also proves that there's a point to the backlash over Silverlight since the exalted claims made after its use during the Beijing Olympics - it seems that more people followed the Olympics on Yahoo! with factors such as the Silverlight install (which is nowhere near as seamless as Flash's) cited as being a reason.