Speaking at the inaugural DMFest, TV Everywhere CEO Iolo Jones today announced the release of VidZapper, a low cost video content management system.

The new service that allows web video and Internet TV channel operators to combine professional, user generated and third party hosted content and will be available through a global network of resellers, who will provide support and management services for the software.

Key Features include:

  • Integrated encoding
  • Integrated CDN hosting and serving
  • User management
  • Player management & player build API
  • Channel management
  • Metadata management
  • Ad management for banners, MPUs, pre-rolls and instream ads
  • User generated video with moderation
  • Groups
  • Category management

Mr Jones, the founder of Internet TV pioneers  Web Channels and Narrowstep, commented:

“The problem to date has been that Internet TV channel operators have had to decide between free, but poor quality systems with little commercial support on one hand, and very expensive professional systems on the other.

VidZapper typically costs around a tenth of the price of the traditional VMSes on the market to deploy and run and is highly adaptable.

“Now anyone wishing to launch an Internet TV service – or to add a video service to their existing web service – can do so on a commercial basis, knowing that they can see a return on their investment.”

More details about VidZapper can be found at

Any company wishing to resell VidZapper can contact the company at


For further information, please contact: Iolo Jones, +44 781 682 0745 or

DMFest, Singapore, 30th – 31st October 2008