Gloves Off ... And On

So Virgin Media and Sky have decided to play nice and have come to a carriage agreement which sees their long running dispute coming to an end. Virgin will now carry a number of Sky channels again, including Sky News. I can't say I missed them much..

Meanwhile ITV boss Michael Grade has thrown his toys out of the pram at people complaining about Kangaroo: "There’s been a lot of misinformation about Kangaroo and in the normal course of events you want to get your point of view across to people who complain or raise objections, but for people who don’t invest a halfpenny in British content, to complain about it seems to me a bit rich, maybe they’d like to put some money in to the British production sector then maybe they can have a say. But to expect us to make all the investment, take all the risks, and then hand it all over to them, why should we? We live in a dream world in this country, where you can win through regulation and politics what you can’t win commercially."

His last tirade against ITV's public sector obligations seemed to work, so why not try the aggressive approach again ?  Except he's wrong, of course. I can't see Kangaroo commissioning programming any day soon, so it's just another recycler - only one in which ITV has some control.