Into The Cloud

In the 1970s in the UK there used to be a very popular programme on TV called ‘The Good Life'. It was about a corporate couple who dropped out of the rat race and aimed to become self sufficient in their suburban home.

Now, if you’re sick and tired of paying those ever escalating utility bills, then the digital ‘good life’  might be on the horizon.

Already you can install solar, wind and convective power generators and sell back to big business; soon you’ll be able to set up your own car electric station by sticking a plug outside your home and linking it to the internet where you will be paid by electric car users for usage.

And even your broadband and PC may be hired out into a cloud network to make money when you’re not using them.

Stick a WiMax base on your chimney and that’s another source of revenue for you.

Already, of course, there are all kinds of websites from video and photo sharing to blogging sites like this where people can start to make a living.

So, as the recession bites the concept of getting up, jumping on the train, going to an office and then repeating the process backwards at the end of the day might be one of the casualties.