Live Wire

Yet another video service bites the dust as Y! Live is pulled by Yahoo; meanwhile YouTube has announced that it is going to start experimenting with live streamed events on its service this month.

But the leaders in terms of live streaming services remain Ustream and Mogulus

In many sectors, live is a powerful driver of audience  but only as long as the audience know where and when to look. The key to the use of live events within Internet TV seems to be consistent - same time, same place every day or every week.

I've seen many channels struggle with live events because they're done ad hoc and every time an audience needs to be built from scratch.

There is one technology which I've yet to see implemented and that's relaying - where one PC takes a live feed and sends it to another PC, which then sends it on further down the line. I suspect it's a technology we'll see very soon that enables streams to be broadcast around georestricted rules.


Anonymous said…
The exception to this of course is sport, where live is the best selling Internet video product.