The Mobile Option

A report in yesterday's Times seems to indicate that the Government's broadband honcho (I hate the term 'czar'), the ennobled Stephen Carter, is looking more and more favourably on mobile networks as a way of increasing broadband capacity.

The advantages are obvious - it provides more control - and therefore revenue  - for Government, since they own the airwaves that we breathe, but not the wires that connect us.

It's a cheaper technology to implement - theoretically ten or so WiMax towers could provide broadband for the whole of Wales (the reality, of course, is far from this) - and in these difficult times this becomes attractive.

It also has scope for better and more competition, thus reducing prices for consumers.

If I was a BT shareholder I'd be genuinely concerned (although someone has to provide the backbone for base stations), but if I was living in rural Wales (as I do), I'd be delighted if this leak comes to pass.