My sojourn in Singapore was a fascinating experience. Many thanks and congratulations to SITF and everyone involved with the first Singapore Digital Media Festival.mach

My co-speakers included Hugh Hancock from Strange Company and Timo  Vuorensola from Energia Productions, and I think I learnt more about the potential of producing video for the internet from them in a few days than I’ve done in many years on my own. Thanks guys.

Spending time with them realised how out of touch I am with the way films are now being made out there in internetland. Crowdsourcing and sampling of content from games to produce feature length movies were both techniques I’d heard of, but not really seen in action before.  The results, in some cases, are breathtaking.

Here are some of the featured films featured at the festival. If you haven’t seen them already can I suggest that you make yourself a nice cup of tea, sit down and enjoy.... 

Star Wreck 


Big Buck Bunny

Red vs. Blue