And The News Is...

All of Yahoo's services seem to be down (again) and this sent me onto the web in search of what is going on. Now, I would usually jump onto IM and ask friends around the web if they were experiencing the same problems, but, of course, Yahoo IM is down.

Online sites are suffering from news lag - they no longer provide news as fast as I'm ready to consume it and I'm getting more and more bored of the groundhog day effect of rolling news. The BBC this week repeated a story that I first heard on the radio at 6pm in the evening during their main lunchtime TV news the following day. And don't tell me that they have a lack of resources.

Blogging and tweeting has moved the game on for news consumers and the format originated by CNN in the eighties feels more and more dated.

And I've finally figured out what Twitter is for..!