The Blind Leading The Blind

Please forgive me for going all economistic for a moment, but the news that the UK Government is about to subsidise an Indian company tells me that we're totally doomed.

Tata is a sprawling multinational with interests in steel, car manufacturing, broadband and software development. Very recently they bought two 'British' car brands - Jaguar and Land Rover, and now, almost immediately, they're asking for subsidy. Well, what about using the huge wealth this group has built up, and especially its owner, before calling on the state?

So, my tip for the day. Buy a failing internet TV company and then beg for Government help. How can they possibly turn you down?

Monetarism is fine - I believe in it - but the actions of the world's governments defy logic. They are, essentially, propping up the rich and asking the rest of us to pay for the remainder of our lives..