Hard Sell

Just in from our friends at Brightcove:

Network Account Disabled

Dear Iolo,

We are writing to notify you that we have turned off access to your free Brightcove Network account and your Brightcove 3 Basic trial account effective today.

The Brightcove Network has been discontinued as of December 17, 2008. As a convenience to Network publishers who may not have seen our prior communications about the Network discontinuation, we will continue to serve Brightcove Network players as presently configured until January 31, 2009, and then they will be turned off as well. If you wish to discontinue the use of players before that date, you may simply delete the players from your website. For more information on the discontinuation of the Brightcove Network, please read the FAQ on our site.

If you would like to continue to use Brightcove to publish video, you will need to upgrade to a Brightcove 3 account. You can get more information about pricing and purchase a Brightcove account by contacting our sales team.

The Brightcove Team

P.S. The discontinuation of the free Brightcove Network does NOT affect Brightcove platform accounts that customers have paid to use.

So, all channel refugees are welcome at VidZapper.