Rich Movie Mogul

Just in, here's a cost breakdown for someone planning on having a lot of regular viewers on Mogulus reported verbatim:

2$1.50 per gigabyte for bandwidth on Mog Pro. They include 25GB in their base plan at $350/mo.

If we're streaming at the basic 500 Kbps, that amounts to 3.75 MB/min or 225 MB/hour.
So if we had 11 people watch us for 10 hours, that's 225MB x 11 x 10 = 25 GB gone.

If we have 1000 people watching for one hour, say a Christmas parade, that will amount to 225 GB. At $1.50 per GB, that will cost us $337.50 for that hour.

ONE person watching for 24 hours would eat up 5.4GB ($8.10)

If we were to average about 1000 viewers over a 24 hour period (with it peaking mid-day and petering off at night) that would amount to 5400 GB, or $8,100. FOR ONE DAY. It would be a quarter million a month to operate at that level.

Unfortunately this isn't entirely hard to believe. Bandwidth is, and always has been prohibitively expensive. Sorry to rain on the parade, but we should have realized this was too good to be true."


phoneranger said…
OK then I guess P2P is "an" answer. Any other answers?