Misfiring On All Guns

ITV could do better than hire a few BBC execs. After all, the BBC are the global champions of 360 degree promotion.

I've had to suffer months of Strictly Come Breakfast News as the BBC turned over most of its early morning news coverage to plugging its own dance competition show. It resulted in my returning to radio - albeit with the dreadful BBC. The Top Gear franchise and the Beeb's ability to endlessly intertwine its online offer with its traditional TV proposition show how joined up they are.

ITV are, in the meantime, utterly dysfunctional. They don't promote their programmes in their news and don't really promote their online presence at all. They have suddenly realised that they lost their business to Rupert Murdoch because they were too stingy to bid for major sports events - and are now betting the house on buying into soccer.

However, ITV's coverage of football is dire. Once upon a time I was a cameraman involved in producing footie coverage for the ITV stations, the guys I worked with then would turn in their graves (or croak in their highly paid PR jobs these days, more like ).

I spend most of my live advising companies on how to grow and develop. I would have no idea what to say to ITV at this point except: 'Sell at as high a price as you can get'.