Murdoch's Failure To Launch

As I struggled with the Sky Player in Wales last weekend I - possibly like many other people - wondered if it was me. It was my connection, my computer. After all, when TV fails it usually fails at our end - the dish was blown over, the arial can't get a signal, the TV isn't tuned..

But, getting back to my 20Mbps Virgin connection in London this evening I totally failed to connect to the Sky Player home page.

Now, this is a paid for service. Unlike Channel4, or the BBC's iPlayer, I have paid good money for this.

And, frankly, it shouldn't be difficult. A decade ago I was merrily delivering services very similar to Sky Player.

So, Mr Murdochs (junior and senior) when are you going to get a grip? Or can I have my money back ? This service is a total disgrace.