The Stay Home Economy

Just as everyone else announces redundancies, BskyB, the UK's main satellite broadcaster, has announced that they are creating a thousand new jobs.

There's nothing quite like a recession for sorting out the wheat from the chaff, and Virgin Media must be quaking... The only recourse I can see for ITV is to seek a full takeover of Freeview and to buy out TalkTalk, but that would leave them in the same place as Virgin - saddled with debt and with not cushion (and that is presuming they could raise the money in the first place).

But there is now clear evidence of the 'stay home economy' and there's little doubt that old TV and Internet TV alike will benefit greatly from this.

The only question is - will there be enough advertising money to pay for this ? The model that I, and many others, had predicted would be the main funder for TV2.0 is suddenly out of the window and Sky's paid model (along with the BBC's licence model) seem to be the best place to be.