Broadcast Video Expo Presentation


Anonymous said…
Diolch Iolo.

Lays it out pretty clearly. Thanks for sharing this.

It would be interesting to know how you see Welsh language (or any comparatively small language) television finding its place in this mix? What will be the main obstacles in keeping (or even gaining) audiences?

Is content still king when you are fighting to inform people about how to find that content in the mass of other content in the first place?
Iolo Jones said…
As ever, opportunities and threats.

More relevant and diverse services are required that can monetize the smaller audience. Google proved that you can monetize an audience of one. It's up to the Welsh speaking world to monetize a community of 750,000...

Discovery is a key problem, but I suspect that more devices like intelligent playlists will take over from schedules in due course.

But of course, the key to making anything popular online is to work the network. Word of mouth is the real key.

Dwi'n mwynhau Metastwnsh gyda llaw!