Short Lag

I remember sitting, despondently, in my office late in the evening just a few years ago (around 2004) wondering if all my thinking was right  - if anyone would ever watch the TV over the internet.

The current statistics on mobile TV viewing reflect where I was then. Just 6.5 million Americans had tuned into mobile video as of August 2008. according to ComScore.

But now ABI claim that there will be 500 million mobile TV viewers by 2013 and the mobile TV market will be worth more than $50 billion,

If the growth of Internet TV in three years is anything to go by, this is actually tenable for viewing figures. I think the commercial value is ridiculous 500 million mobile viewers are unlikely to generate more than $20 a year in ad and PPV revenue, most from mobile company referrals. So, $1bn might be closer to the mark.


phoneranger said…
500 million mobile viewers see 1 ad per day 350 days a year with a $20CPM = $3.5M If mobile TVoIP becomes the dominant platform for those folks, the $50B number is possible. Likely? No but possible. Certainly better prospects than traditional broadcast or cable.