Going Home

So, it's back to my home town Caernarfon this week for the Celtic Media Festival, where I will be contributing to sessions on 'Give Us Our TV Back' and 'Independent Survival Strategy'.

The first session is a polemic one arguing that the rise of new technology has been bad for TV; there's no doubt it has, but there's no closing Pandora's Box now..

The second looks at what independent producers have to do to survive. This is a theme that will continue as I address the gathering of Canol, representing the media companies of Mid Wales the following week in Aberystwyth.

The advertising downturn is badly hitting ad driven media models just at a time when these models were being vindicated. This is a very difficult environment for many TV companies and there's the double whammy of corporates cutting back on marketing budgets.

However, on the flip side the costs of production has plummeted and there are certain sectors that remain buoyant. The TV production company I chair, Telesgop, has seen tremendous growth so far this year, so 'crisis is an opportunity sailing on an ill wind' as the Confucian saying goes.