In Sync

Most of you will have noticed that Twitter is the latest fad to take the world by storm. The use of this medium failed me until I was trying to find the snow conditions on roads in Wales during the recent blizzards. All the usual online media failed me and I realised that 24 hour rolling news is no longer enough!

So, this blog will now tweet from time to time. And the first synced tweet is about exactly this - the second screen. I Chair a company called Vidiactive and we're involved in 'the space' between traditional TV, internet TV and the second screen. To us the second screen isn't about seeing the same content and the same experience at two foot and at ten foot, it's about using the second screen to enrich and add value to the main screen experience. 

Lean forward and lean back; hot and cold media becoming tepid media; this is the future TV experience as I see it.