Sponge Life

There are thieves, there are crooks, there are media owners, and then, just below the lowest pond life, come those wonderful folk at NewsCorp.

Have a look at this screen:

It would seem to indicate that this edition of Lost is 'free' (I already pay £20 a month for this service as well as paying for Sky via my Virgin Media subscription).

But, no matter what I click on I cannot bring up this 'free' clip.

The first problem is one of design. This is without any doubt the worst interactive service ever 'designed' - but this is probably deliberate. These people do not want to see internet TV succeed.

So, time to cut free of Uncle Murdoch and his evil, cynical empire.. How I wish there was a viable commercial competitor to this dreadful company, to whom we are just sponges, from whom they will wring every last penny...


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Iolo Jones said…
This blog in no way endorses piracy, but why is BitTorrent so much easier than legitimate services ?