Still Struggling

Google are back with their latest wheeze to try and monetize video on the web. The problem is that big media has got wise to the threat that Google poses and YouTube is actually shedding quality content rather than adding it.

But what alternatives are there ?

There are a huge number of players offering video ad networks:

Utarget (UK centric, part of Fox)
Brightroll (US centric, require 3m video plays a month)
YuMe (US centric, requirements not defined)
Adotube (US centric, require 25,000 page impressions)
Videoegg (US, UK, Canada, Australia require 1,000 uniques a day)
Tremor Media (US centric, requirements not defined) (US only, requirements not defined)
SpotXchange (US centric, requirements not defined)
Husky Media (US centric, requirements not defined)

Unfortunately, the options outside the US are very limited unless you're one of the top 100 video web services.

This is a market that Google should have cleaned up, but perhaps they are a one trick pony...