The TV Money Tree

In a world where production companies are going to have to take more and more risks - and potentially will garner more and more rewards, here is my rather simplistic overview of what it will take to survive as a video or TV producer in the future.

All production companies are already involved in some of the processes, but the point is that you will have to maximise all of them in future.

Bob The Builder makes money from selling toys, not TV shows. Many sports programmes are paid for by sponsors, not advertisers. Indeed, the production company may buy the airtime.

The importance of internet TV is minor to this picture at the moment, but its impact will be profound in the longer term.

Production companies now need very savvy commercial directors is they are to harvest the potential bonanza that all of this will bring. But they also need a very clear strategy on the content they are producing and on their ability to monetize it beyond engagement with a single commissioning editor.


Phil Leigh said…
What do you mean by Format/Brand in the Money Tree?
Iolo Jones said…
The packaging of a format, e.g. Strictly Come Dancing, or the establishment of a programme brand, e.g. CSI or Big Brother