Winds Of Change

I rather like the windy city, and spent a lot of time there due to an ill advised marriage. Now Chicago has only bankrupt newspapers. This is a market of almost ten million people, with no solvent  daily newspaper. Wow.

When I started touting the phrase 'narrowcasting' in its modern sense (it used to refer to closed circuit tv systems), I had in mind, particularly, the representation of specialist, non-mainstream sports, hobbies, interests and pastimes and the rise of hyperlocal media.

After twelve years of selling TV over the internet, I think my initial instincts have proven right, but when it comes to my narrowcasting thesis, the jury is still out. But I still passionately believe that narrowcasting will become the media trend we have to watch.

I write often of an 'audience of one', or even a 'market of one'. That a market of ten million isn't enough to sustain a daily newspaper is a real sign of the times. This is media reinventing itself in front of our eyes.

The winds of change are blowing our way...