The Iceberg Complex

Sometimes in life the simplest things are the most difficult things to achieve. I've had a week that proves this on non-video projects, and there's been a feature that I've wanted to add to video management systems for a long time. It's quite simply the ability to call a video within a player when the player is hosted by a website. Sounds simple, yes ?

Oh no it's not.

The usual way to put a video player within a website is to use a command such as <iframe>, but this means that the 'host' site and the video player have nothing in common. It's like putting a photo in the frame. You can repaint the frame but it won't change the photo..

But, after months of trying I think we're going to be able to release this in the next version of VidZapper - but only after I file the patent.

So much good technology is like an iceberg. It's so effective that it seems simple. The real challenge of technology is to make highly complex things easy, effective and fun to use.  That's what makes Steve Jobs the greatest (non-techie) techie of all time IMHO.

Here are a couple of good books on the subject: