On A Roll

Well, it's been a while since I updated on ProjectV - or VidZapper as it has become.

The first few channels are now being rolled out and this morning it was used for the first live event, when resellers Telesgop covered the graduation ceremony for the University of Wales (with very many overseas graduates this allows their families to follow the ceremony online).

Other new channels include Moviebeat, which is already serving hundreds of thousands of movie trailers less than a month after its launch, and Truetaste TV, a bilingual channel, promoting Welsh food internationally.

We've opened out a full API for the system now that enables sophisticated internet TV services to be deployed on any platform as well as extending the functionality considerably.

In a market full of wannabe video management systems we have partnered with companies that know, understand and have a huge amount of experience of the internet TV business - companies such as Vivocom in Spain who are clear market leaders. 

Some of the stories I've heard from the industry about the business practices, deceit and often downright lies in the pursuit of business from some of the newer companies are scary - US company OneScreen particularly should be ashamed of itself for the way it treated a former colleague of mine.

But, I suppose, if you're operating at the frontier you've got to expect cowboys. 

Meanwhile, at VidZapper we have our heads down delivering a platform that improves week by week and that can already rival similar systems many times more expensive.