Pot- Kettle - Black

The extreme irony of watching the BBC report on the MPs' 'expenses scandal' leaves me breathless.

When is someone going to look into the profligacy at the BBC, which makes Westminster look like a tea party. Remember that the DG of BBC earns four times more than the Prime Minister. This is clearly ludicrous. And no one has asked to see the expenses of the civil servants at the BBC, where I believe all costs should be made public, just as they have demanded of political parties.

If some of the stories I've heard are true, MPs would be blushing at how sensible they have been comparative to BBC execs...

The BBC is fat, bloated and has singularly destroyed other media in the UK by inflating costs beyond all reason using its enormous and totally ridiculous tax subsidy. But the British public are getting wise to this and the BBC's moral high ground is rapidly being eroded, as it should.

It's time for the MPs and the public to turn the tables and bring the BBC to account...


Unknown said…
You are quite right about the BBC and its salaries and expenses. One entertainer is having salary halved to GBP3 million.

The BBC in my view needs a root and branch review as too many are dissatified with their present service offering