Happy Returns

Today I cross a metaphorical bridge into a new world. I have moved from the 35 - 44 socio-demographic group to, well, the 45 - 65 group.

I raise this issue not because I am in need of pity (nor birthday ecards), but because it shows how false measures, which were instrumental in building the media world we lived in, are still so prevalent.

Forty years ago I lived in a house with an old black and white telly with three channels (and RTE).

Now I have, to coin a phrase, TV everywhere.

But the world is full of parallel universes, some of which move slower than others.

In my youth 45 was, like, very, very old. Now it seems like my ideas have only just begun to take fruit, they remain youthful. And the notion that I am best categorised by my age, my salary and postcode are, frankly, insulting.


Iamnotnormal said…
in your last paragraph you raise an interesting point about labels; I find it fasinating that everybody appears to hate being assigned a label, yet those same people are prone to giving labels to others; it must be human nature. It also winds me up to think my worth will be assessed by those criteria also!!
Iolo Jones said…
Actually, I don't mind being labelled; what I'd like is for those labels to be accurate rather than reflect some reasonably random socio-economic theories from the sixties..!