Who'll Blink First ?

Apparently, ITV is considering charging micropayments for its catch up service. Considering how poor their technology implementation is, this may seem laughable. But there does seem to be an inevitability about charging being introduced to internet delivery of TV.

In ITV's case, if they could get their technology to work then there is no reason why their ad model shouldn't work. Changing busiess models to compensate for poor technology is not going to help, but seeing as it's when they try to play ads that the stream stops for minutes at a time, perhaps getting rid of ads might actually fix the problem (disclosure: I gave up using ITV.com in frustration some months ago, so the technology might have improved).

But with Sky already charging for their service there's little doubt that Five, Channel 4 and Hulu might follow suite and charge for content. If one does it, it might be an excuse for them all to do it.

But the reality is that the gorillas on the block - iPlayer and YouTube - will remain free, so blinking might not help


Anonymous said…
The biggest Gorilla though has to be p2p...in reality are people going to pay to see local content when they won't even pay for that labeled "premium content"?

It's topical at the moment as the pirate bay sinks below the waves right now...and all it took was a corporate buy-out. (Actually probably a cheaper deal than all the lawyers bills to date for trying to get it shut down).