BBC Fail In Formula 1

The BBC is spending a fortune of our (if you're British) money covering the motor racing series Formula 1 (which seems a very bad use of tax money if you ask me..) and they're doing a dreadful job of it. Despite having two Brits in, ahem, pole position in the competition, the coverage all seems very flat. ITV did a much better job despite the intrusive commercial breaks. F1 is an overtly commercial medium and seeing the BBC dedicating so much time to coverage which is plastered in sponsor logos seems very strange (although that, of course, is the nature of any modern sport).

Moreover, the fact that they won't disclose how much they paid for the coverage is absolutely scandalous.

On top of this the BBC's website hasn't updated the player standings since Friday, although others such as The Times did this immediately. But maybe our tax money is better spent on the well reported management excesses at the Corporation rather than getting someone to work overtime on a Sunday..