TV Everywhere In Advanced Discussions With Google

OK, straight away I am going to admit that this is a spoof (if you take the headline in the way most US readers will). But I have a serious point to make about media in the 21st century. So, please don't get angry and hear me out..

The above headline is absolutely true, and a daily occurrence in my household, since my wife is a Google Industry Manager and I run TV Everywhere Ltd (named long before TimeWarner thought of the phrase and may yet be subject to legal challenge by the authors of this article - being a name troll doesn't somehow seem as bad as being a patent troll).

But on the back of the recent Google/Brightcove reports it does show how a factually true statement can be misleading. In the internet era it's something we all have to live with, and there are always those who think that there's no smoke without fire (indeed, the fanatical right in America seem to be using this as a core strategy by disseminating mistruths in the way kids in the farmyard throw turds at walls).

So, where does truth lie in our always on, instant information age ? This week Brian Barron passed away. In my youth he was a hero, the guy who went to all the bad places on earth and told us about them in unambiguous terms. That kind of journalism died with him.

Today, we have ultimate connectivity, and even in the darkest corners of the earth, exceptional access to mobile technology. Despite this we see repression and tyranny and the technology helps very little.

Ubiquitous cameraphones haven't helped in Darfur or Tibet; the internet has done little in Iran or Venezuela.

The truth, as they say, is out there... Isn't it ?