What TV Ad Buyers Are Buying Online

Web TV Enterprise has just launched its concise 'Online Video Advertising Buyers' Guide' based on a survey of 100 online TV media buyers, and it makes fascinating reading.

The overall sentiment is upbeat: "Our feeling is that the online video advertising industry is now at a tipping point in the UK. We base this on the fact that media agencies are, for the first time, considering video on-demand (VOD) as part of the media mix on the majority of campaigns where there is a TV ad creative. This was not the case 12 months ago."

One of the striking findings is who's buying - it seems to be divided half and half between digital media buyers and TV media buyers.

The majority of campaigns are £10-25k in value, but a quarter are £25 -50k, but almost all buyers predict that their purchases will grow in the coming year, significantly in many cases.

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