KIT Acquires Feedroom

KIT Digital continues with its rollup of Internet TV service companies with the acquisition of The Feedroom, a company that's been around for over a decade and with a solid corporate client base in the US.

The Feedroom was always long on service and short on technology, as is KIT; but it does bolster KIT's US presence, now headed by one of the people who ran Narrowstep into the ground before buying it for a pittance on behalf of his new employers.

KIT has the advantage of access to Middle Eastern money in a market where traditional sources of funding have run dry for the pioneers (they carry too much baggage and it's easier to go for a more nimble startup with a clean balance sheet).

As with most markets, there's little room for more than a few players and Brightcove seems to be appearing as the default platform with KIT becoming the leading service provider in the sector. (Frankly, to clients the boundary between software and services is academic).