Why Internet TV Will Kill The Games Market

With Sky now available on Xbox and Netflix coming on Playstation you might think that we’ve lost the plot here at TVE when we say that Internet TV will destroy gaming just as the market appears to be going in the opposite direction.

But, actually, it all comes down to business models. Games are expensive even if consoles are reasonably affordable. Indeed, this is the last vestige of price gouging in the entertainment world apart from sports.

Now, a new breed of low cost boxes are appearing that allow access to online gaming services ( as well as TV and online video) running from servers. Soon, a £50 box will be capable of providing all of the video and games content you desire, and the economics of £200 box and £50 games will be history. As these are adopted, the games console will become history because people will buy cheap consoles that will give them Internet TV, traditional TV and games.

Video will kill the gaming star..