Virgin Marries Upstart

The news of the marriage between Virgin Media and Tivo is great for both companies. Finally, Virgin is taking some bold steps to differentiate its service and Tivo finally has an entry into the UK market with its great technology.

Along with Virgin's announcement that it is to roll out targeted advertising on its VoD service, it seems that the guys down in NoHo have finally woken up to the huge potential of their service.

Adding services such as content vaults and special Flickr and YouTube upload services, indeed anything benefiting from the high upload speeds only Virgin can currently deliver, would also help.

As well as working with the company for many years, Virgin and its antecedents have been my supplier of TV services for longer than I can remember, so I have some vested interests in these developments and it's good to see the company finally playing catch up with the Sky juggernaut.