Back To The Future

It seems that 3D is the real telly technology trend of 2010. Now there's news that you'll be able to watch England rugby matches in 3D at your local cinema thanks to 3D specialists Inition.

This shows innovation all round - digital delivery to cinemas has given them a new lease of life for special events even as cinema box office taking rise for yet another year. Home cinemas, poor movies and the credit crunch seem not to have affected the industry at all.

And just as it seemed that every kind of technology innovation had been used in sport, along comes something new. However, it does mean that we might have to face Sky Sports 2 Extra +1 HD 3D as a channel in the near future... What's happening in cinemas today will undoubtedly find its way into our living rooms tomorrow.

I'm not sure if those 3D specs will work in the scrum down the local pub come the 6 Nations, though.