Why The iPad Is A VOD Product

Not surprisingly, the web is abuzz with chatter about Apple's new iPad. To add in my ha'pennysworth it seems that Apple is aiming directly for the paid for market. The majority of web advertising is now in the Flash format and the device doesn't support Flash, so it's very clear that this device is meant to extend Apple's hegemony in the music market into books, magazines and movies.

But, looking specifically at its applications for watching movies, where exactly would you use it ? At home I'll stick to my large LCD screens (There's no HDMI connection so you're not going to link it into your main screen.). If I want to watch on a medium sized screen I already have a laptop or two, if I'm on the go I'm not going to pull out this monster to read the paper on the bus (I travel almost daily on public transport in London and have yet to see anyone use an eReader at all).

When new gadgets come along I spend a long time justifying to myself why I don't need them. In this case I'm still trying to justify why I would need the iPad or what I would do with it.