An Appalling Idea

Having been in the eye of the storm for most of my life - first of all with multimedia, then the web and now internet TV - I've grown used to some of the ridiculous monikers that get adopted and the way that the English language is perverted in search of a soundbite that sticks (let's face it, I have myself been responsible for things like 'tv everywhere' and 'global tribes').

But the idea of a TV channel as an 'app' marries two totally incompatible concepts, in my view. Ghettoising content within an app makes it inaccessible and user unfriendly - everything from the Wii to Boxee seem to be adopting this ring-fenced, half-baked approach to content. Largely because it follows the currently-working business model.

Next broadcasters will become 'app factories' and programmes will become 'upgrade modules'.

Surely what users want is to be able to access all their content from one easy interface with functions such as schedules, playlists, search and centralised billing.

It'll never catch on... will it ?