Hate Film

I was long a fan of LoveFilm and what they achieved in launching a UK CinemaNow-like service, but then I subscribed and now this company has overtaken Orange as my most hated corporate ever.

Their website is primitive and stupid. Their delivery is sloooow. At the moment they haven't been bothered to deliver one of the two films they owe me. Their disks are so scratched that they don't work a third of the time.

And, to compound all of this, you cannot cancel the service online. Yes, you can do everything online (as long as you can put up with their crappy website, which proudly seems to use a programming language that was ditched by everyone else over a decade ago), but you can't stop paying them. Then you have to call them.... (** I have subsequently found a way of cancelling online **)

Thankfully they will soon be put out of business by online competitors and fail to achieve the sellout to CinemaNow that should have been their payday.

I am cancelling my subscription.