Here We Go Again

Another day, another idiotic idea to add Twitter, Facebook et al to a TV set. Google, Sony, Logitech and Intel really should know better.

It takes me back to the days hotel rooms had those dreadful televisions with a keyboard where, for a huge premium, you could send an email, browse the web and check the weather. They never caught on.

There are a number of reasons for this:
  • TVs are good at showing video, but bad at presenting text - the resolution of even a HD set is too low.
  • Keyboards and TVs don't mix
  • Try checking your tweet whilst your other half is watching CSI - you'll be in real trouble
  • Why bother when you already have a PC or a smartphone ?
To think that some of the world's largest companies are again chasing this mirage is startling and shows how far off the mark they truly are.