It's About Glue

Don't you sometimes wake up in the morning and think that everything that is ever going to be invented has been invented? Despite the rapid growth, and acceleration in technology, this is broadly true. The principle of how music is recorded has evolved since Edison, but it's still about storing sound waves on physical objects.

Which is why I'm now such a believer in glue - the ability to make things already invented work together better. This is one of the main reasons that we've developed an advanced API for VidZapper and this morning we've just expanded it considerably adding capabilities such as microcharging and syncing events with specific parts of a video as well as improving the stats functions and the user generated features.

In a car analogy, essentially what we're doing is investing in the engine and letting others worry about the chassis.

This also makes it easy to add go-faster stripes! There are now plugins for VidZapper into social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, chat and discussion using Disqus, polling and surveys such as PollDaddy, eCommerce systems such as eBay, PayPal and Ecwid and many other applications such as live support.

Also, it has become much easier to build and syndicate widgets for other systems such as WordPress, iGoogle, Facebook and Beebo using the excellent Widgetbox. There's a guide on the VidZapper blog.

But we haven't neglected the chassis totally - we've released some 'kit cars' in the shape of new VZPlayer skins which are very easy to set up and customise just by editing an XML file.

All you need now is some player code to glue it all together...