Gloves Come Off For Oolaya and Brightcove

Like a kid in a schoolyard, there's nothing more attractive than a scrap that doesn't involve you.

Now, being the veteran that I am, I regard Brightcove as a johnny-come-lately and the Ooyala as a babe in nappies, but that doesn't mean that they're not well run, aggressive businesses with extremely good technologies.

So, it's inevitable in a very small marketplace with far too many providers that they will 'have a go'. Usually, feature comparison is done in private and the slagging goes on in front of direct potential clients.

The subject is security, where Ooyala seems to think it has a nose in front. All I can say is that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

And what I'd also point to is that if you have SVP of this and Territory X Head of That then someone is paying. It's either the VC or the customer. So, let me throw my accusation into the field and claim that these companies will cost customers significantly more than they can afford compared to VidZapper on any comparison.

At the end of the day these companies have smoke, mirrors and highly leveraged business models that their clients pay for. Technology is easy. Helping your clients make money if tough.