Mic's On

Well, it's clear, Gordon Brown is dysfunctional after his on mic, but off camera comments today. But, there again, some of the best and brightest people I've worked with are and have been totally dysfunctional. But they're brilliant at their jobs.

But I agree with him - many companies I've built would have been poorer if it wasn't for - specifically - Polish immigration into this country. The woman is either stupid, uneducated or a bigot. But, boy, did she remind me of my grandma, and you don't vote against your gran...

The problem for me is a TV thing. Why the heck was Gordon Brown wearing a mic from Sky News ? He knows that Murdoch is out to get him, putting his pathetic media empire behind a total undermining of our democracy for his own commercial gains.

It's like giving your main enemy a bug in your boardroom. Labour should have totally disengaged from Sky News as soon as they realised that they were the biggest enemy they would have in this campaign. Not worn their mic!

As a result, you can see Murdoch sitting in his New York eerie chuckling over how much control he has over us poor plebs in the UK.

But all of that said, it's not a first for radio mics. Does anyone remember that Sue Lawley story (You had to work in media at the time to know what I mean...) ?