Time For Change

The decision to place one of the UK's prime ministerial debates on Sky News is badly founded, especially considering Sky's resistance to making its channels available on other platforms at sensible rates. However, it will be possible to follow the debate online on the BBC News channel.

I still find it curious that in the US the nationally respected newspaper are expected to be scrupulously objective in their coverage of politics, whereas TV channels such as Fox News run a highly myopic view of affairs, whereas in the UK the opposite is true, with the newspapers little more than party mouthpieces for various political interests (usually those of their owners) whilst television is held to a higher account.

With the rise of the Liberal Democrats it was interesting to read comments by a former Sun editor that none of the Murdoch newspaper bother to even cover the party's annual conference.

There's little doubt that there's a huge appetite for the reform of politics in the UK - with a seeming majority of people actually wanting a hung parliament. But the post election world needs to see a reform of the shocking standards of bias and dreadful journalism which is as much of a blight on life in the UK.