The Walls Are Going Up

Zattoo created quite a stir when they came out of Switzerland some years ago and started to re-transmit UK TV channels.

However, it looks like the game is up for them since the BBC has forced them to remove their channels from the service. Now, Zattoo were inserting ads into a PBS stream, so you can have some sympathy with this. But it is yet a further indication, along with YouTube's recent change in terms, that the walls are going up, and no one is fighting harder to build an empire than the BBC.

Meanwhile I enjoyed this critique of Project Canvas from those bright guys at Inform TV. It's right on the mark. A public broadcaster should be open and collaborative and should stick to content production.

The BBC made some clever noises to get the heat off in the pre-election run up, but seriously needs to be brought to task once the dust has settled.