Walls Come Tumbling Down

An iPhones app, an Android App, an iPad app, when will it all end ?

And now Apple have effectively banned the use of the new Flash wrapper on its devices. At the same time it has introduced a new app development feature that enables ad support, but takes a 40% cut (doesn't that remind you of the mobile networks and their walled gardens ?).

At VidZapper we've decided that building one app after the other and then trying to get them through the gatekeepers at Apple and elsewhere is just too much and we're going down the HTML5 route.

Now, this is a double edged sword for Apple. The languages they propose developers use are complex and difficult and not the kind of thing the average Flash developer can pick up. It should also be remembered that these Flash developers are major Apple customers and advocates. And it will be much easier for them to pick up a simple language like HTML5 and more their apps into the browser.

There are even utilities appearing that will compile an iPhone app from a HTML5 application (although I'm sure Apple will find a way of blocking that too in due course).

Of course, if you're using the web rather than an app there already exists a rich vein of advertising options, including those offered by arch rival Google and their recent acquisition, AdMob.

Apple are in danger of pushing developers from their proprietary systems to more open systems. Good for the internet, but bad for Apple's walled gardens.