Frankenstein PM

Well, we approach the final stage of the UK election and it's clear that Cameron has played a blinder. Brown is just sad and defeated and Clegg has proven to be a total, pathetic lightweight who looks totally knackered after doing nothing on the back of a fabulous opportunity.

It is TV that has decided it, but it's nothing to do with the debates in the end. Cameron has absolutely dominated the news cycle in a very clever way.

Sure, it was his BNP-like immigration rants that allowed him to pull away, but like so many Tories, he has a way of mixing his racist, elitist views into populist rants that appeal to your average Brit, too lazy to do the jobs that Poles will do, but happy enough to run them out of the country. The son of Thatcher and Blair. Our next PM.

I suspect that the two contributors to this blog voted in a very different way. We look forward to hearing your voice.

Whatever happens, it will be a new dawn for our media. Murdoch will, of course, expect great rewards for turning his newspapers and channels (shame on you, Adam Boulton) into Tory mouthpieces.

We don't rig votes in the UK, but we do rig the publicity around the event. Surely it's time to require national newspaper to follow the same standards as TV.