Google TV Heeh Heeh

So, now those of us working in internet TV have to cope with the additional hype of Google TV, a service that presumes that you want a search box on your TV (er, what about the keyboard and remote) ? I actually laughed out loud.

Essentially what you're doing is buying a Sony screen with an Intel chip capable of running Flash and with a Webkit based browser on an Android OS. It's a pretty bloated concept, and form my extensive experience of the industry, will challenge chip makers well beyond their current capabilities.

So, the UK has Canvas, Europe has HBB and the rest of the world has Google TV. Groan.

For those of you wondering, it's totally different from what we're doing at Vidiactive, indeed, it is the opposite of what Google TV is trying to achieve in many senses. You can read more on the new Vidiactive website.

More to follow...