No Energy In UK Election

Deficit, immigration, and those perennials, health and education are what people in the UK voted on today. As ever, by far the most important issue facing this country has been swept aside and barely mentioned.

Energy is the cause of most of our problems. After Thatcher sold off our infrastructure, we now have the most expensive energy of any developed country, largely because it subsidises the governments of Germany and France, who now own much of our infrastructure either directly or indirectly. As a result we have no manufacturing industry since manufacturing is too expensive due largely to energy costs.

We have been involved in two wars which are, fundamentally, about energy, again consuming vast amounts of money.

Our sizable inflation, despite recession, is largely down to energy costs. Standards of living cost more as food costs more because of rocketing transportation costs.

This even affects the hi-tech industry - the UK is in danger of running our of internet capacity, not because of bandwidth, but because of power supply. (Google has taken to building data centres in the frozen north where cooling is less of a problem and there's lots of hydroelectric power).

Yet the electorate seem blind or indifferent to this, and so the three priorities I wanted to hear from the politician were nowhere to be heard - energy, energy, energy.